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You can manage your GECS system from any computer that has a browser and an IP path to your web manager. So, depending on your configuration, you may be able to administer your system from home, a hotel room or even an internet cafe.

You can administer GECS from a computer running any operating system. If you want or need to edit your GECS data from a Mac or a Linux box, this is the

  way to go.

Many browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and even RealOne Player, have been tested. It is unlikely that you will find a modern browser that will not work with the GECS Web Manager.

The GECS Web Manager is included with Global ECS. It is a Windows only application that can be run either from the desktop or as a service. The default IP port is 2013 but is configurable via “Workstation Setup”. The “Express” setup installs the Web Manager as a service using the default port.

To administer your system, simply enter the URL of the Web Manager into your browser. For example, if your Web Manager is on a machine with the IP address of and on the default port (2013), you would enter: Notice that the IP Number and IP Port are delimited with a colon (:). You will be prompted for a valid GECS user name and password. You only need to provide a password if one has been entered on the “Network” tab of your GECS user record. The browser-based client works very much like the GECS Administrator.


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