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  It is possible to 'simulate' the run of a job. When a job is simulated, the system acts as though the job actually ran, except that the command line isn't actually executed. This can be useful if you have a series of steps in a job flow with dependencies and you want to 'skip' a particular step. You can 'simulate' the job rather than deleting it and having to adjust your dependencies.  
  When jobs are simulated they show in job history with a status of “Simulated Job Run” to indicate that the

command line didn't actually run.

Jobs that are simulated are assigned a zero return code.

There are two ways to 'simulate' a job. You can simulate the job now or set the job to simulate in the future. If you know that when the job should run in the future you want it to be simulated, you can mark the job to simulate itself. The job can either be simulated when all the normal requirements are met for the job or when all the requirements except the file dependencies are met.

To manually simulate now, you right click the job and select the “simulate now” option.

Event Definition 93 can be configured to notify you that “UserX” did a manual simulate job run on “JobX”.

To simulate in the future, open the Windows Administrator program, Go to the Jobs Folder, select your view and edit a job record, command tab, and use the same pulldown menu field where you set jobs to be Marked Complete Once Started.

Your Job Detail Options are:

  • Simulate Successful Completion - Once dependencies are met, the job command line will not actually run but will look like it ran successfully through GECS.

  • Simulate Successful Completion Without File Trigger - Job command line will not actually run but will look like it ran successfully though GECS and ignore any Trigger file dependencies that may exist for the job.


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