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  At some point you may need to move batches from one system to another—for instance, from your QA/Dev environment to your production environment. To do this, you will use a tool from the command line in order to save your batch into a single file that contains all of the jobs, schedules, variables, and batch dependencies. Then a similar tool is used to read the batch into the system you choose. These two programs are available when you run a “full install,”  
  which are then located in the GECS directory.

The batch export utility can be run to export the information from Batch Information for a particular batch. The file created by this utility can then be imported using the GECSBATI utility. These files are NOT editable text files. They are binary files that can only be used with the GECSBATI utility. These utilities are intended to be used for moving batch information from one system to another.

Specify the filename of the file to be created and the batch to be exported on the command line as: “GECSBATE filename batch” where fi lename is the name of the file to create and batch is the name of the batch to export. For example:


would create the file C:\BATCHDUMP.EXP containing the information about batch OLDBATCH. The GECSBATE program is a Windows program that is installed with the Controller/DBMS.

The batch import utility can be used to import batch information from files created with the GECSBATE utility. The import utility is run by entering: “GECSBATI filename batch” where filename is the name of the file to import and name is the name you want put on the imported batch. For example:


would import the batch information contained in C:\BATCHDUMP.EXP and name the created batch NEWBATCH. You can use these utilities to rename batches when you move them. For example to change batch 5 to batch TEST you could export batch 5, import it back into the same system as batch TEST and then delete batch 5. If you try to import to a name that is already used by another batch, you will get an error and the batch will not be imported. The GECSBATI program is a Windows program that is installed with the Controller/DBMS.

When moving a batch between systems remember that only the information contained in the batch is moved. Any other resources, calendars, or custom events are not moved with these commands. In addition, if your batch runs .CMD or .BAT files, you must make sure these are moved over as well, or are accessible from a network share.


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