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GECS can interface with Internet Mail (SMTP / POP3). A copy of TCP/IP sockets drivers must be installed on the computer that is acting as your DBMS.

To setup GECS for Internet Mail open the GECS Administrator:

1. From the System View module - Edit the DBMS

      settings. Set Mail System to Internet Mail.
2. Populate the Mail User Name field with the sending
     from or outgoing mail server user account name such as
3. Populate the Password field and press the Enter key. Note: Asterisks will be     displayed.
4. Populate the Mail subdirectory field with the outgoing mail (SMTP) server name     such as (NOTE: If you are using an Exchange Server, you should     populate the Mail Subdirectory fi eld with the Name or IP Address of the Exchange     server machine such as “” or

1. From the Event Definitions module, edit the desired event. Click on the event     definition detail mail tab. Enter a Subject for this particular events mail message     then enter a message about this event in the Message field.
2. Specify up to 5 GECS users or GECS User Mail Groups (group names must be     preceded by an asterisk) to be notified of this particular event then save and exit     the record

1. From the Users Folder, go to the desired GECS user record and click on the Mail     tab.
2. Populate the Mail User or Address with the email account associated with this GECS     User. Enter the name exactly as you would in the Mail system.
3. Enter an optional GECS mail Group Name.

1. From Event Defi nitions module - right click on the event that you configured to     send email - click create event. This will cause the event to be generated and     should send the email message.
2. Click on the Events folder and click on the All Events view - you should see an     occurrence of this event.
3. Check your email.

1. Check your email filters to be sure your email is not automatically being thrown     into your email trash bin.
2. Check your GECS Events folder to see if you have any SMTP error messages.


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