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  WRK files can be emailed directly to the Controller to activate existing / non-pending Jobs. In some cases these may be non-recurring or emergency Jobs. Priorities can be used to allow these Jobs to run as soon as possible. Via Administrator / Schedule / Actions Priority, set the emergency Job to a higher Priority than other Jobs. Additionally, via Administrator / Users / Profi le, a maximum Priority can be for Jobs submitted by GECS users. Note: 0 is  
  the highest and 9, the lowest.

Create an email using the WRK fi le format below for the content, and address to the Controller’s email address. Store the message in the unsent message folder. If you need to run the Job, copy the message to the out box. Additionally, the emergency job can then email you that the job has finished.

Content of email:
J: TESTJOB (Job name to activate)
D: mm/dd/yyyy (Job Schedule Date)
T: hh:mm:ss (Job Schedule Time)

Note: These are the only supported WRK file entries for existing Jobs.

To simply re-run an existing completed job immediately you could create a WRK file with just the job name and GECS user name.

Content of email:
J: TESTJOB (Job name to activate)

Note: If you activate an On Hold Job remotely, the Job will run and then change status to complete. It will not change back to On Hold when finished.



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