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It is possible to 'simulate' the run of a job. When a job is simulated, the system acts as though the job actually ran, except that the command line isn't actually executed.

Job Dependencies
Two very powerful features of GECS are the ability for jobs to be configured to repeat and the ability for jobs to run in a specific sequence using job or batch dependencies.   More>>

Moving Batches Between Environments
At some point you may need to move batches from one system to another—for instance, from your QA/Dev environment to your production environment. To do this, you will use a tool from the command line in order to save your batch into a single file that contains all of the jobs, schedules, variables, and batch dependencies.  More>>

System Monitor / Watchdog
To help ensure your GECS System is always running appropriately, GECS ships with a "Watchdog" utility. This program installs a Windows service that periodically pings the System Manager program and sends an email if the System Manager program fails to respond to the ping.  More>>

Creating Notification Lists
Notification lists make it easy to store, share, change and reuse email and user group information. The Notification List entries can be GECS users, email addresses or the names of other GECS Notification Lists. More>>

Run One Job that Schedules a Batch Containing 50 Jobs
It may be necessary to gather 50 jobs into one because of dependencies and sequences, because of On Demand jobs, or in order to simplify views. The command line utility named GECSBATS.EXE can be used to schedule a batch of jobs in the background via a command line or GECS job.

Bulk Update
Multiple job records and multiple event definition records can be updated at the same time when using the GECS v3.60 Windows Administrator Client program. When using the bulk update feature, only the fields that you enter information into will be changed.


GECS Events writing to a file
Global ECS can write job event notifications to external files. This can be helpful when using separate system management software to monitor jobs or job statuses.  More>>

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